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YouTube To Spend $25 Million To Support Journalism And Deal With Fake News

YouTube claims that it is taking various measures to makes sure the authenticity of news on its platform by supporting news organizations and cracking down on misinformation. The firm claimed this week that it will make “trustworthy” news sources more outstanding, particularly in the wake of breaking news events when false news can multiply rapidly.

At such instances, YouTube will start displaying consumers short text previews of headlines in search results, as well as alerts that the stories can modify. The aim is to oppose the false videos that can propagate instantly after natural disasters, shootings, and other major occurrences.

For instance, search results on YouTube significantly displayed videos asserting to “establish” that mass shootings similar to the one that killed minimum 59 in Las Vegas were false.

In these emergency cases, a conventional video will not do, since it takes time for news outlets to verify and produce high-quality videos. So YouTube plans to short-circuit the loop of false news with text stories that can rapidly offer more precise data. Firm officials declared the effort at New York offices of YouTube.

Those executives, on the other hand, provided only fuzzy descriptions of which sources the firm will mull over to be authoritative. Neal Mohan, the Chief Product Officer, claimed that the firm is not just accumulating a simple list of trusted news sources.

On a related note, YouTube has declared that it will spend $25 Million to vie against false news, particularly for the critical coverage of breaking headlines. YouTube, which is controlled by Google, claimed this week that this investment will be a fraction of the GNI (Google News Initiative), first rolled out in March by the tech behemoth to assist the media and to tackle false news, claimed the report. Besides, YouTube showed a series of new functions on its site to assist consumers to avoid hoaxes.

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