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Hundreds Of Fake Accounts Closed By Twitter And FB

Microsoft stated that the cyber-attacks from Russia on the conservative groups of the US have been thwarted. The groups succeed in gaining access to the 6 of the domains that were acting as their websites. It further stated that the Russian hackers intended to steal information from the political firms like the International Republican Institute. Besides, FB identified certain accounts that have depicted improper behavior.

Twitter and FB have taken a fresh initiative by removing all the fake accounts that are linked to Russia and Iran. According to the CEO of FB, around 650 groups and pages active on the platform of FB are either misleading or improper.

On the other hand, Twitter has followed suit by eradicating 284 accounts from its platform.

According to the owner of the company, the ban was imposed to enhance the trust people have on the social media connections.

A cybersecurity company in the name of FireEye stated that in the aforementioned social media platforms, there are several groups and pages that bluntly promoted the propaganda of Iran.

As a result of the report, FB triggered the intensity of investigation that concluded that the several pages in FB, as well as Instagram, have Iranian influence on them. Also, misleading behavior from Russia was identified. However, both the activities are not linked.

FB has also shared the findings with the governments of the US and the UK. A few campaigns, as old as 7 years, regarding the politics of the Middle East in Farsi and Arabic were also identified. These accounts have also shared their views in English. FB has removed the accounts that have previously been linked to the intelligence services of the Russian military.

On the other hand, Twitter stated that upon analysis it has found that the segregated accounts depicted coordinated manipulation.

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