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Our Team

Adrian Thompson – Editor-in-Chief

After a short stint as a semi-pro athlete, Adrian now handles the editorial responsibilities of He specializes in cryptocurrency and financial news. Adrian has been instrumental in the creation of

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Bryan White – Contributing Sub-Editor

Holding a bachelors degree in Pharmacy, Bryan’s first career plans took him to the pharmaceutical industry. After a seven-year stint at some of the biggest pharma companies out there, Bryan took a new career path as a journalist covering the pharmaceutical industry and market.

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Carol Harris – Contributor

Since earning a degree in Journalism from the Ohio State University, Carol has written on a wide variety of topics, including health and science news, entertainment news, and finance news, for some of the most popular news sites in America.

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Operations Team

Stan Pace – Operations Head

Twenty-two years working for a prominent hedge fund has given Stan a unique viewpoint into the world of investing and trading. Stan currently heads the operations team keeping together all teams at Money Matters LLC while ensuring timely delivery of news, analysis and editorial information to our readers and leads to our advertisers.

Joyce Ramirez – Admin Manager

With more than a decade in general administration, Joyce ensures that staff at Money Matters LLC do not run out of essentials and caters to every need of each of our employees across all our offices.