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Amazon Hires Cardiologist To Drive Deeper Into The Health Care Sector

Reportedly, Amazon is said to be in the process to drive itself deeper into the healthcare sector. Earlier, the firm came into the news as it hired the topmost cardiologist. The intention behind this move is to broaden Amazon’s participation in the healthcare sector.

Maulik Majmudar is an Associate Director at Healthcare Transformation Lab in Massachusetts General Hospital. Earlier, Majmudar proclaimed on Twitter that he will be shifting to a challenging and exciting position at Amazon. However, Majmudar has not specified his job responsibility in the firm. However, neither Amazon nor Majmudar commented on the same. The tech giant has not disclosed anything about its push into health care.

In June 2018, Amazon had proclaimed that it is in the process to buy the online pharmacy PillPack. The latest firm possesses pharmacy licenses in all 50 states. PillPack is known for delivering medicines to consumers in pre-sorted doses intended to make it more comfortable for individuals to take numerous medications a day. The latest move by Amazon might assist in accelerating the firm’s long-supposed shift into the pharmaceutical industry.

On a similar note, according to the latest reports by Bloomberg, Amazon is believed to move into theaters. As per the Bloomberg news service, Inc. desires to obtain Landmark Theaters. Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Amazon is competing with other suitors to buy the theater chain from Wagner/Cuban Cos.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the chain’s owners have been working out with Stephens Inc., investment banker, on a probable deal. However, the service proclaimed that no final decisions appeared to have been made. Landmark, as a theater chain, is focused on autonomous and foreign movies with over 50 theaters in 27 markets. It includes high-status places in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco.

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