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Apple’s Sever Got Hacked By The High School Student As He Wanted To Impress The Company

Recently, a teen who is sixteen-year-old, his identity can’t be revealed as he is minor. The high school student from Melbourne, Australia have hacked the Apple’s servers successfully multiple times and bagged about 90 GB of credentials of the Apple account holders. The hacked data was stored in the MacBook Pro in a folder named “Hacky Hack Hack”.

The teen pleaded guilty in the Australian children’s court, it is come to know that the teen was well known in the hacking community as he used the Virtual Private Network, Tor browser for dark web and other such kinds of tools hide the tracks. The teen was successful in building the online computerized tunnel for bypassing the systems, but he got tracked down after the attack was launched. The police had raided the home of the teen and seized the Apple laptops from where the attack was initialized, the IP address provided by the Apple was matched with the IP address of the sized laptops, the IP address of the sized mobile phone and a disk device was also confirmed which the Apple recorded.

Prosecutors said that the boy’s computerized tunnels worked very well but until it was caught and raised a serious international investigation, in which FBI approached the Australian Federal Police to investigate in to the matter. The teen’s lawyer has nothing on defense but to say that his client has an admiration to work for the company and in that process, he involved himself or motivated him to do this act, which unknowingly the client doesn’t know that it is illegal to do so.

The fact that Apple server got hacked by a teen has let the users question the integrity of the Apple as a company. The users are really questioning the abilities of the Apple and security commitment to the personal data of the users, earlier also Apple witnessed the same problem when the personal pics of the celebrities got leaked but that time it was by the group of hackers intentionally doing it.

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