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Now The Android Support Can Make Things Easier For People With Hearing Problems

Apple has been working on bringing a change in the hearing aid for quite some time now, and as it appears, Google has joined the league too. A large number of people suffer from some form of hearing loss across the world and it is not easy to cope up with the same despite having the support of technology. Well, that picture is expected to change now with Google striving Hard to make the life of these patients much easier with this decision. The tech giant has now decided to join hands with the company GN Hearing to bring the streaming support for hearing aid back, as far as the future android versions are concerned, as reported by the company on Thursday.

Apple is also working in the same direction with the hearing aid program called Made for iPhone that basically allows the users to control the same while connecting with other users by using iOS’s services. But it doesn’t matter now that Apple came earlier in the picture as Google’s impact is expected to be much larger for the obvious reasons. Since nearly 85 % of the total smartphones in the world run on Android as the operation system, while Apple has its impact on just 14.7 %, it is clear that there is s huge difference in the market impact. This shows that there is hardly any threat to the company from the competitor that entered the market first.

According to WHO, close to 466 million human beings have some form of hearing problem, according to a report published earlier this year, in March. This means that a whole lot of people can get benefited from this Android powered technology, in a revolutionary way. Other companies including Harman, Oticon and Bose are also working on improving the hearing aids.

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