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Spotify Runs Tests While Letting Users Skip Ads Anytime; An Increase In Revenue And Targeting Expected

Spotify is running some tests in Australia by allowing people to skip the unwanted ads at any point of time, without the people having to watch the complete ad before they can resume listening their favorite songs. Australia has been chosen by the company to perform these tests as it is the ideal region to test any feature on a global and well-known platform as the population is only 24 million thus making it a small market and yet a large test-bed, the culture being predominantly western the job becomes much easier.

Thus, before rolling out the feature globally, to compete with Pandora and others, the company has planned to test the same, specifically the advertising platform. The company reported that the users will be allowed to skip the visual as well as the audio ads at any moment of time when the ad is playing. This is indeed better for the users than watching the entire ad without being able to skip the same until it is over.

While earlier the users could skip the ad at any instance, but for only a few instances, this time they can do the same as often as they want with the new feature allowing the users to jump back to the music directly. The feature is called active media and is potentially hazardous to the short-term revenue as the advertisers won’t have to pay for the skipped ads, but in the longer run it will be quite rewarding.

But since the market in Australia is small, the company can take that risk. Also, this will make the job easier for the company in order to collect more specific data about the ads that the users actually want to watch and will help them in making better advertising decisions. If all goes well, the company will soon launch this feature on a global level.

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