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Google Employees Get Annoyed At Censoring Search For China

News that Google is making a search engine to meet draconian censorship rules of China has sparked extensive employee annoyance at the firm. The company has responded by restricting employees’ access to papers related to the project, a media report claimed this week.

Google was scurrying to quell outrage and stop leaks within the firm over what had been a secrecy project before to a media report rolled out this week. “Everybody’s access to papers got switched off,” a source claimed to the media. “There has been total radio silence from management, which is making a lot of individuals scared and upset. Our internal meme website and Google Plus are filled with talks, and individuals are angry.”

“There is a lot of anguish internally. Some individuals are very angry that we’re doing it,” the source claimed to the media. The tech behemoth had already come below fire in 2018 from a number of workers who inked a petition in opposition to a $10-Million deal with the U.S. military, which was not rehabilitated. A spokesperson of Google refused to deny or confirm the continuation of the project.

“We offer a number of mobile applications in China (such as Files Go and Google Translate), assist Chinese developers, and have made noteworthy investments in Chinese firms such as,” spokesperson Taj Meadows claimed to the media in an interview when asked about Dragonfly. He confirmed with his statement.

Google removed its search engine 8 Years ago from China due to hacking and censorship but it is now operating on a project for the nation dubbed as “Dragonfly,” a worker told the media on condition of secrecy. The search project, which operates similar to a filter that sorts out particular topics, can be tested inside the firm’s internal networks, as per the employee.

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