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Oppo Find X Fails To Pass Durability Test Ending In Two Parts

Oppo, the Chinese smartphone brand, grabbed global limelight with the latest roll out of its flagship Find X handset. The Oppo Find X sports an exclusive design where the whole camera module comes out of nowhere when needed. Certainly, the motorized mechanism for this pop-up is beautifully manufactured and is something the world has not seen on handsets earlier. But when the question is concerned for its durability, the Oppo Find X comes under “hall of shame” as per JerryRigEverything, a trendy YouTube channel that tests durability of handsets.

The YouTube channel controlled by Zack Nelson posted a clip of the durability test carried out on Oppo Find X. In the footage, the handset is capable of withstanding negligible scratches due to the protection from Corning Glass. It quite exactly bends into two parts when reasonable pressure is applied on the phone’s center. The YouTuber just bends the handset in his video to perform the test.

Oppo Find X has a price tag of Rs 59,990 in India. And in reality, one will never invest Rs 60,000 on a handset so that it can break easily. But this durability test can be a caution for all its users (or future users) to handle the Find X with care. For, if the handset can bend so effortlessly, then odds are high for damaging the handset when placed in the front pocket of jeans and then driving a bike.

The pressure in the jeans while driving a motorbike will be sufficient to damage the screen or worse break it in two parts. And if you occur to put the handset in your back pocket and by chance sit on it, then you might quite exactly finish the handsets breaking braking in halves. Not to mention, given the exceptional design of the smartphone, getting low-cost covers will not be simple.

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