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These Stars Keep Away From Social Media

Several celebrities have wiped off their photos from Instagram in recent years following a breakup or prior to a new project. Blake Lively pulled off the stunt recently just like Taylor Swift did last year. Following his engagement to Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson removed all his photos from Instagram in July of 2018. He explained that nothing had happened and nothing was wrong. He had done it because the internet felt like a bad place and he didn’t want to stay on Instagram any longer.

Singer Miley Cyrus deleted all off her photos from both Twitter and Instagram giving rise to rumors of a split from long-time boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Some also suggested that she might be gearing up for releasing new music. An exclusive source, in July 2018, told Us Weekly that Cyrus is working on a project now and her new album is being recorded in the same studio that is used by Lady Gaga.

For the promotion of A Simple Favour, Blake Lively’s new film, she cleared her Instagram gallery in May 2018. The film is about Emily Nelson (Lively) going missing leading her closest friend Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) to find out the truth about the matter. Lively’s current bio on Instagram is “what happened to Emily?” and she’s seen following only 28 women all named Emily Nelson. The rapper Asap Rocky did the same thing in January 2018 hinting at the release of his latest album. Rapper Future wiped off all his Instagram photos in January 2018 just like he did in January 2017.

Lindsay Lohan, in January 2017 after writing a poem about Syria and the refugee crisis that started many controversies, pulled off the same stunt. February 2018 saw her return to Instagram again. Lana Del Rey started speculations that she might be releasing a new album among her fans after deletion of her Instagram photos in September 2017.Kendrick Lamar, in March 2017, deleted all his Instagram photos except the one with the image the number four in Roman numeral.

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