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Epson Declares The Roll Out Of Its New Robot In India

Epson, the Japan-located technology company, this week declared the roll out of their new robot named T6 Scara in India. The controller of the new all-in-one robot is embedded in the arm’s base and as per the firm, it takes up part of the space needed by robots that have a different controller. The T6 has increased the payload capacity (6 kg) by 2 times as compared to Epson’s T3 (3 kg) robot. In addition, its reach has been expanded from 400 mm in T3 to 600 mm. The firm had earlier launched their T3 Scara robots.

The T6 has a battery-less motor unit for lowering factory downtime and maintenance. The firm claims that the T6 is capable of recording its motors’ backup status by employing an easy mechanical system with the newest motor techs. In addition, Epson has offered ports for I/O communication nearer to the end-effector to make it simpler to supply power and link cables to it.

The firm states that the new robot has 30% enhanced energy performance (with 0.66 kVA of power consumption) in comparison to traditional SCARA robots. The T6 also operates on a single-phase AC at input voltages ranging between 100V and 240V. This indicates that it can also be employed in facilities where a huge power supply is not accessible.

The firm claims that the T Series of robots is perfect for mechanization of test machine unloading/loading and other easy procedures that earlier depended on humans due to the fact that automation did not make fiscal sense.

On a related note, Epson earlier extended its InkTank printer series in India with the roll out of 5 models below the A4 Wi-Fi printers with incorporated InkTanks. The new printers comprise of 5 models namely L4160, L4150, L6170, L6160, and L6190 with a price tag of Rs 17,299, Rs 15,499, Rs 21,799, Rs 20,399, and Rs 24,099 respectively.

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