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A New Telescope Demonstrates The Milky Way’s Center In Stunning, Fiery Detail

There is a new radio telescope and operating situated in Karoo, South Africa. The Karoo Array Telescope, or MeerKAT, as it is dubbed, maneuvered by the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory, is generating dazzling pictures of the supermassive black hole that is at the center of our galaxy, 25,000 light-years far.

That center is hidden from sight when utilizing traditional techniques of observation; it is at the back of the constellation Sagittarius, where dust and gas clouds conceal it from sight. Nevertheless, the radio wavelengths of MeerKAT infiltrate the obscuring dust and make a window into this unique area and its black hole.

The “filaments,” which one observes in the picture that was initially found in the 1980s, are not yet completely comprehended; however, they only subsist close to that central black hole. The additional objects are residues of star-forming areas and supernovae, close to the Milky Way’s dead center.

Chief scientist of the SARAO (South African Radio Astronomy Observatory)—that develops and runs MeerKAT— Fernando Camilo, said, “We wished to demonstrate the science abilities of this new tool. The galaxy’s center was an apparent target: distinctive, visually remarkable, and filled with mysterious phenomena—however, also notoriously difficult to picture utilizing radio telescopes.”

This isn’t the foremost picture by MeerKAT; it seized a photo 2 years back of a region that researchers earlier deemed only enclosed around 70 galaxies; over 1,300 were captured by MeerKAT.

A cosmic neutrino discovered by Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope of NASA was found to have created in a γ-ray released by a supermassive black hole around 3.7 billion light-years far at the galaxy’s center in the constellation Orion. The finding marks the foremost instance a high-energy neutrino from past the Milky Way has been tracked to its region of origin as well as the farthest any neutrino has been identified to tour.

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