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Musk Takes Responsibility to Provide Safe Water in Homes in Flint

Four years ago, the Flint water emergency started when authorities changed its origin to the Flint River from Lake Huron. The high level of corrosion in the water leads to the hazardous amount of lead from old pipelines to filter into drinking water in the city, affecting the health of the residents. Presently, in the wake of arguing with authorities just to get the issue noticed in 2015, numerous inhabitants still don’t confide in the tap water of the city. Into the unraveled steps, Elon Musk, directly from his submarine-building exploitation, reacting to a tweet with this guarantee where he said that please think about that as a dedication, which he would support providing the water in any house in Flint that has contaminated water more than the usually FDA standards. No joking.”

Regardless of whether you believe in his contribution in prominent occasions is a sort of PR trick or whatever else doesn’t generally make a difference in the event in case anybody in Flint really gets the necessary help. Michigan’s state government as of late finished a free program which delivered the bottled water to the residents of the city, despite the fact that a few people keep on reporting that the water they are receiving not usable at all. While Musk said in additionally tweets that “Most of the houses in Flint do get safe water, yet they’ve lost confidence in the government’s test outcomes. A few houses are the exception,” he urged inhabitants to answer to his tweet with test outcomes and gave a mail address of the program started.

We’ll perceive how this turns out in upcoming days, even as Flint’s pipe substitution program is booked to go through 2019. To the extent the standard is being connected, while the FDA specs are applicable on the filtered water, they basically refer to the standards of EPA implied on tap water.

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