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Gboard On iOS Gets Accessible Morse Code Typing

Google declared that it is getting Morse code to Gboard as an input method for iOS. First, the firm incorporated Morse code in beta form into the Gboard’ Android version shortly following its I/O 2018 keynote. Together with the introduction on iOS, the search giant states it has made several enhancements to the Android experience, as well.

When enabled, Morse code loads the keyboard region with dash icons and 2 large dots. Word suggestions will emerge as one taps the icons at the on-screen keyboard’s top simply as they do when one employs the QWERTY version. A Morse Typing Trainer game is being created by Google that it states can tutor users Morse code in less than an hour. One can play it on the desktop as well as mobile.

An assistive tech developer, Tania Finlayson, who associated with the search giant on the Morse code project, mentioned in a blog post regarding how the communication system has been “innovative” in enhancing her own life:

“Majority of today’s technology is developed for the mass market. Regrettably, this can imply that individuals with disabilities will not be able to use it. Developing communication tools resembling this is significant, as for several individuals, it entirely makes life livable. At present, if anyone wishes to check out Morse code, they can utilize the phone. Merely by downloading an application, anybody anywhere can give a try to communicating with the Morse code.”

Finlayson mentions that Gboard for Android “enables you to clasp external switches to the handset, so an individual with limited mobility can control the device.”

Apart from, this another recent update to the app now enables the users to include fun effects and text into their custom generated GIFs. Also, they can choose diverse colors for the text. Nonetheless, there are only 3 fun effects to select from.

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