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Levandowski Commences His New Self-Driving Startup

One of the most contentious figures in the self-driving car industry, Anthony Levandowski, is linked to a new driverless truck company, the media claimed this week. Dubbed as, the firm is still in stealth form, so very little is identified about its business model or technology.

What we do know is that incorporation papers of Kache list an address in California that as per the media is possessed by Levandowski’s stepmother and father. In Chinese, “Kǎchē” means “truck.”

We also are aware of a lot about Levandowski. He was comprised in the DARPA Grand Challenge contests more than 10 Years back. Afterward, he was a major figure in the self-driving car program by Google before he resigned to begin Otto (the self-driving truck startup) in 2016. Within months of its establishment, Otto was obtained by Uber, and Levandowski was placed as in-charge of driverless car program by Uber.

On a similar note, Waymo earlier claimed that will roll out a ride-sharing service with no people behind the wheel and has been trailing the completely self-driving vehicles on public streets in Arizona, John Krafcik, Chief Executive of the company, claimed to the media this week.

The test with no human in the driver’s seat is for the first time in the U.S. as big automakers, big tech firms, and well-funded companies battle to design fully independent vehicles. While self-driving car firms take a trial of their cars in public, they normally have a person in the seat of the driver prepared to take over if the tech is unsuccessful.

Waymo claimed that members of the public will start traveling in its series of Fiat Chrysler Pacifica vehicles in a test run of the service with no human drivers in an upcoming couple of months in specific areas of Phoenix, which has predictable and dry weather.

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