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Critical Brake Test Of Model 3 To Be Stopped After Elon Musk’s Order

At Tesla Factory in Fremont, California Elon Musk told his engineers to eliminate standard brake test, termed as a brake-and-roll test for the Model 3 cars. Which means the Model 3 cars should be moved through the production.

The test was shut on June 26 before 3 am, said the person known about the matter. However, it is still unclear about why this specific test was close down and for what duration.

As per the experts, the brake-and-roll test is a critical part of the automobile manufacturing process during the final stage. The test basically ensures functionality of the brakes at a particular RPM (revolutions per minute), wheel alignment, and vehicles reaction to diagnostic machines.

Tesla representative, Dave Arnold in a statement stated that every car manufactured goes through thorough quality checks, and this comprises brake test as well.

He also added that Musk gave the order to stop the brake test.

The automaker also declared that it had manufactured 258,578 Model 3s in the Q2. However, as per the internal documents reviewed by Business Insider, the company had planned to touch the mark of 36,020 Model 3s in the Q2. On this Tesla denied commenting on this figure.

The carmaker had created less than 11,000 of the cars in the previous month and in the Q2 it managed to touch the mark below 26,000, however, reporting it to fall a plan of 36,020.

Talking about the finances and Tesla’s performance, Goldman Sachs doesn’t seem to be impressed by the production announcement and restating its sell rating for the shares of the company, stating that the reservations of Model 3 fell to 420,000 from 455,000 in the previous year. Majority of the Wall Street companies are playing down over the carmaker’s demand trends and finances.

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