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Apple Books Not Ready To Compete With Kindle

Now that iOS 12 has been rolled out in public beta, users are getting a first glimpse at the next-gen OS for iPad and iPhone. And one of the most expected features of iOS 12, at least for most of the readers, is the app for Apple Books, previously dubbed as iBooks.

Hands-on tests on the app have been done a number of times by industry experts. But they all looked at the in-built library of Apple, which is negligible. We could not wait to see how it manages a real reading scenario, with a grave pre-accessible collection. Especially given that users had issues with iBooks in the recent past. Some users downloaded the beta, being fully aware that they might be dealing with errors.

The good news is users found fewer errors than anticipated, and that Apple Books has some usability enhancements over iBooks. The bad news is when the app is working as aimed, Books still appears similar to an app developed more for showing off than for actual readers.

Speaking of Apple, the firm already has 4 OS (operating systems) in its bio-network: for tablets or smartphones (iOS), smart watches (watchOS), PCs (macOS), and TVs (tvOS). Now a new report sourcing from Bloomberg claims that the company is operating for the next headset gadget on its 5th operating system.

It has been quite a period since the company is rumored to be operating on a headset related to augmented reality. On the other hand, nothing tangible has been unveiled so far. The report says that Apple is aiming to reveal the handset in 2019 and begin exporting it from 2020. The headset will be arriving with reality operating system or ROS, which might be supported by iOS. Also cited is that a previous software manager for graphics and games at Apple, Geoff Stahl, is amongst the directors of ROS.

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