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Punjab CM Rolls App To Verify Unlawful Construction

Punjab CM Rolls App To Verify Unlawful Construction

Amarinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, this week rolled out a mobile application to verify unauthorized construction, and also revealed a new web gateway for online issuance of modification in the usage of land for the housing department. While the application will allow fast action to discontinue any continuing against the law construction, the web portal will smooth the process of easy change in land use and assist citizens trace any such modifications, the chief minister claimed to the media in an interview here this week.

The android-supported app, dubbed as PUDA-Unauthorized constructions and illegal colonies (UCIC), started in GMADA (Greater Mohali Area Development Authority) area for public use this week. With the help of this app, the public and field staff will be allowed to click images of any unauthorized construction from the location and upload them for additional action, he claimed. The geo tagging and satellite based application will offer the exclusive details of the spot, allowing the executives to take fast action to end the continuing unlawful colonies and against the law construction on the land.

An authorized spokesperson claimed that complaints might automatically be handed over to concerned executives on the basis of GPS locations and GIS maps, and alerts will go out to the related executives by email and SMS. Urban development and housing department has also started a web portal below ease of carrying out business where in developer might be allowed to receive alteration of land use via online gateway itself without the need of visiting the office, he claimed.

The temporary CLU must be obtainable instantaneously to the developer post self certification of the data of his land and the concluding CLU will be made obtainable within 1 Month after back end verifications of papers related to the land by the department.

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